Standing Ovation at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living!

The audience leapt to their feet as the last strains of Joe Garrison’s “8/89” faded to a finish.  Listeners were treated to several brand new Garrison originals as well as a few cuts off the recent Joe Garrison and Night People CD, Veranda.

Once again, an incredible performance by an incredible ensemble of top musicians has gone beyond all expectations for a superior listening experience!

Great show last night at The Loft!!

We were all in the presence of a Master…. 40 minutes of pure altered consciousness Ecstasy. Hearing Amdadou Fall opened – not just our ears – but our lives – our worlds. Last night was the living embodiment of the saying “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Thank you, Amadou , from all of us in San Diego for blowing our conceptions right open. And many, MANY thanks to Kamau Kenyatta – for bringing us all together.