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Another SOLD OUT crowd at 98Bottles!

Fans and friends of Joe Garrison’s ‘all original creative modern jazz’ are the best!  Special Guests Chris Warren on LIVE electronics and Dave Millard on alto violin and bass flute took Night People jazz to a new level of excitement, filling 98 Bottles’ “Back Room” with sounds the average jazz aficionado is not likely to hear anywhere else on the local jazz scene.  Joe  garnered a feature article and a place on the cover of the January 2015 issue of the San Diego Troubadour, progressing toward more notoriety for two of his current ensembles, Night People and Book of Gratitude.  Look for more new music from Joe Garrison and a brand new ensemble in 2015.



Night People Occupy The Loft with Special Guest Artist Dave Millard!

In the veritable words of Robert Bush; “Joe Garrison’s composing and arranging for large ensembles has been a consistent source of inspiration for local jazz audiences — especially in the last few years — upon the wings of Night People, an orchestra of extraordinary color and depth that also serves as a showcase for the solo powers of some of San Diego’s most talented improvisers.

Night People’s Dec. 2 show at UC San Diego’s the Loft was well attended, expertly performed and enthusiastically received. The 18-piece ensemble featured a rhythm section comprised of pianist Lynn Willard, guitarist Tonga Ross-Ma’u, drummer Charlie Weller and the twin basses of Doug Walker and Chris Duvall; breathtaking harmonies were often achieved through the efforts of Kirk Johnson on flute, Scott Paulson on oboe, Ariana Warren on bass clarinet, Connor Hughes and Ian Tordella on saxophones, Derek Cannon and Doug Meeuwsen on trumpet/flugelhorn and the magnificent trombone threesome of Jordan Morita, Bryan Smith, and Brian O’ Donnell.

Special guests for the evening were Kamau Kenyatta on soprano saxophone, Dave Millard on alto violin and bass flute and Chris Warren on live sampled electronics.”

Source: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/blogs/sounddiego/Night-People-Occupy-The-Loft-284793561.html#ixzz3LTb16fm0





Standing O at Jazz Live KSDS!

Night People rocked the house Tuesday, 3/11 with selections from their recent CD Veranda. Reviewed by Robert Bush; “What’s on my mind is last Tuesday’s Joe Garrison & Night People’s concert at Jazz Live. Check the review out, share it with your FB friends, and please hit the “recommend” button at the top of the article.”



Great show last night at The Loft!!

We were all in the presence of a Master…. 40 minutes of pure altered consciousness Ecstasy. Hearing Amdadou Fall opened – not just our ears – but our lives – our worlds. Last night was the living embodiment of the saying “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Thank you, Amadou , from all of us in San Diego for blowing our conceptions right open. And many, MANY thanks to Kamau Kenyatta – for bringing us all together.