Wednesday -
7 pm
Conrad Prebys Music Center Experimental Theater
La Jolla, CA

Underground composer Joe Garrison returns with Prayers & Mantras Suite in 9-movements, featuring bel canto soprano, 5 winds, piano, bass and live electronics.

Repertoire - Kamau Kenyatta Ensemble, Joe Garrison and Night People


Joe Garrison MM. University of Colorado, Boulder. BM. CSUF - has been an active part of the San Diego Art Scene since the 1960's. Coming up through the rock scene of the 60's, Garrison transitioned into the San Diego  Avant Garde Music community through contact with UCSD Music Dept, where he was heavily influenced by - Roger Reynolds, Thomas Nee, Kenneth Gaburo, Robert Erickson, Pauline Oliveros, Frank McCartey, Allen Strange. He continued studies in composition with Lloyd Rodgers and Donal Michalsky  at CSUF. Garrison continued to the University of Colorado and studied with Pulitzer Prize- winning composer, Richard Toensing and Cecil Effinger.

Garrison returned to the San Diego music scene as part of the Ruse Collective in the 1980's, when he formed his iconic workshop ensemble - Night People.  Joe Garrison and Night People has performed as an ongoing project since 2000, releasing several recordings with San Diego Jazz Luminaries - including - Daniel Jackson, Kamau Kenyatta, Lori Bell, Gilbert Castellanos, Derek Canon, Melonie Grinnell, Mackenzie Leighton.  Classical musicians have joined forces - from the local free lance community - Brian O'Donnell, Arian Warren, Jane Zwerneman, Robert Zelickman to name a few.

Garrison's music crosses all boundaries - spanning Jazz, Rock and Classical. He paraphrases John Cage, "All Music is Music, when you let it flow." Garrison has continued to blur the lines between classical and jazz music and brings musicians from all points of the spectrum together.

UCSD alumni, Chris Warren brings his unique vision of live electronics to this project.  In addition, he composes one of the nine movements.

Prayers & Mantras features:

Kirsten Ashley Wiest -  Soprano

Chris Warren - live electronics/composer movement #6

Lori Bell - flute

Ariana Warren - clarinet

Kamau Kenyatta - soprano saxophone

Jane Zwerneman - French horn

Brian O'Donnell - bass trombone

Melonie Grinnell - piano

Mackenzie Leighton - bass

Joe Garrison - composer/conductor